Social distancing products, tailor-made and delivered quickly. Everything you need to meet your needs.

No matter your business domain, your specific ideas and needs, let’s work on your project to give you the tools that are right for you.

Freestanding and suspended mobile walls - Desk panels
Hand sanitizer stations
Floor signs - Social distancing signage

Temporary solutions, made to last.

Freestanding or suspended mobile walls

A variety of materials available

Quick and easy delivery

Let's adapt the distancing products to your salon in order to create a welcoming decor. 

Self-supporting divider panels

Hand sanitizer stations

Easy to install

Low maintenance

We adapt the products to your needs 
and spaces.
Hair and beauty salons
Office products
Our areas of expertise
and bars
Medical and dental 
Movable partition walls on wheels available

Hand sanitizer stations

Light and low maintenance products

Quick and easy delivery

The safety or your customers first. 

Social distancing products tailor-made for you

A wide variety of materials available

Our team of designers on hand for your project

Let's reflect on your customers' experience while ensuring their safety. 
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View our social distancing products at the restaurant le Saint -Sau on CTV 

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